Zero Fast Chargers

Zero Fast Chargers

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Zero Charger

Zero Chargers

48V - Zero 8 and Zero 9 = 54.6V charger

52V - Zero 10, Zero 8X, Zero 10X 52V = 58.8V Charger

60V - Zero 10X 60V = 67.2V Charger

72V - Zero 11X = 84V Charger

Normal chargers will only charge at 1.5 or 2 amps.

Fast charger will give out 5 amps which is effectively having 2 chargers in at the same time.

72V smart charger 10 amps*

*CAUTION: check to see if your battery management system is capable of charging at these high rates as not all batteries are able to do it.

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