ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard
ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard

ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard

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The ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard, is an essential accessory designed to provide maximum protection for your Zero 8X electric scooter. This fender mudguard set includes both the front and rear wheels, ensuring comprehensive coverage and safeguarding you from unwanted splashes and debris.

Meticulously crafted, the mudguard features a predominantly plastic body that strikes a perfect balance between durability and lightweight construction.

The primary function of the ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard is to shield you from the bothersome effects of the road. By effectively preventing sand, mud, rocks, and road spray from being propelled into the air by the rotating tyres, this essential accessory ensures a clean and enjoyable riding experience.

With the purchase of the ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard, you will receive both front and rear fenders, providing complete protection for your electric scooter. Stay protected, and ride with confidence with the ZERO 8X Fender/Mudguard set.

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