ZERO 8 Rear Suspension
ZERO 8 Rear Suspension

ZERO 8 Rear Suspension

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The ZERO 8 Rear Suspension, a high-quality accessory designed specifically for the Zero 8 Electric Scooter.

Experience enhanced comfort and stability during your rides with this rear suspension. Built with a back shock absorber and a built-in coil spring, it effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.

The ZERO 8 Rear Suspension features a hole-to-hole length of approximately 99mm, ensuring a proper fit for your electric scooter. This length ensures optimal suspension travel, allowing the scooter to handle various terrains with ease.

With a hole diameter of around 8mm, this suspension is designed to accommodate the necessary components for installation. Enjoy a hassle-free and secure attachment to your scooter, ensuring the suspension operates as intended.

Upgrade your Zero 8 Electric Scooter with the ZERO 8 Rear Suspension, and experience improved comfort and control. Embrace smoother rides and enhanced stability, as this accessory effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations. Ride with confidence, knowing that your scooter is equipped with a reliable and durable rear suspension.

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