Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount
Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

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Secure Mounting

The Quad Lock Handlebar Mounts are a superior choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile smartphone mount that is compatible with all Quad Lock Cases, including the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor.

Quick to Attach / Detach

The patented dual-stage lock provides a secure mounting option for your phone, giving you the confidence to ride your bike without any concerns about your smartphone falling off.

It is effortless to attach and detach your phone from the mount by twisting and locking it in place. You can easily view GPS navigation while riding your bike.

Sleek Design

The handlebar mount has a sleek and elegant design that seamlessly integrates onto your bike's handlebars, without compromising on its aesthetic. You can even stylize your mount with a coloured lever to match your bike (optional extra).

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Quad Lock® Index Head (with blue lever)
  • 1 x Handlebar Mount Clamp
  • 1 x Extension arm
  • 3 x Bar spacers
  • 1 x Allen (Hex) Key

Tech Specifications

  • Made from tough glass filled nylon
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Fits handlebar sizes 22m (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), 32mm (1-¼”) (diameter)
  • 360 degree arm rotation

The level of vibration from some motorcycles can affect the image stabilisation on new smartphones. The optional Quad Lock Vibration Dampener ensures you can confidently mount your smartphone to any motorcycle.


Our research indicates that only certain motorcycle types have experienced the issue, however, our research also indicates that a number of the bikes in this same classification have had no issues whatsoever. Quad Lock recommends the use of the Vibration Dampener.


Featuring a dual chassis suspension system with precision engineered silicone grommets, the Vibration Dampener reduces over 90% of high frequency vibrations to protect your smartphone’s camera.


Working with vibration specialists in Automotive and Defence, the Vibration Dampener was put through extreme performance testing. It was also extensively tested in real world scenarios thanks to the dedicated Quad Lock community.

The motorcycles listed have been known to cause vibration damage to the optical image stabilisation of smartphones when mounted, however, even if your bike is not listed, Quad Lock recommends the use of our Vibration Dampener for additional confidence.

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