On Guard Pitbull Series X Series anti theft lock

On Guard Pitbull Series X Series anti theft lock

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The On Guard Pitbull Series X-Series Anti-Theft Lock is a high-security solution designed to provide superior protection in medium to high crime areas. With its robust features and innovative design, this U-lock is the ultimate defense against theft.

The Pitbull DT Bicycle X-Series U-Lock is equipped with the X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism, ensuring four-sided protection that keeps your bike secure from all angles. The 14mm hardened steel TriRadius shackle is exceptionally resistant to cutting, prying, and jacking, providing a formidable barrier against theft attempts. This hefty shackle also offers increased internal space, allowing for versatile locking options suitable for both bicycles and scooters.

To enhance its anti-theft capabilities, OnGuard locks are packed with features that have earned them the highest safety ratings. The quad-locking mechanisms, bump-resistant cylinders, and hardened steel shackles and chains provide unrivaled security. The hexagonal and square links present on this lock create hardened surfaces that make sawing and cutting virtually impossible. Additionally, the titanium surface hardening significantly increases resistance against cutting and sawing attacks.

Not only does the Pitbull Series X-Series Lock protect against theft, but it also safeguards your bike from damage. The fully-coated exterior shields your bike from scratches, while the embroidered nylon chain covers ensure long-lasting appeal without cracking or peeling. The hook and loop tabs keep the cover securely in place, providing additional protection for your bike's paint and finishes.

With its comprehensive set of features, the On Guard Pitbull Series X-Series Anti-Theft Lock offers unparalleled security and durability. The X4P Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism, Z-Cylinder bump-proof technology, and TriRadius shackle combine to create a highly effective defense system. The rounded design and centered keyway eliminate pry points, further enhancing the lock's resistance to tampering.

For added convenience, the lock includes five laser-cut keys, including one micro-light key that projects a bright white beam, ensuring easy operation even in low-light conditions.

Choose the On Guard Pitbull Series X-Series Anti-Theft Lock for its superior protection, innovative features, and durable construction. This lock is the ideal choice for those seeking peace of mind in medium to high crime areas. Trust OnGuard to keep your valuable bike safe and secure.

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