On Guard OG Cable Lock 120x10

On Guard OG Cable Lock 120x10

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The On Guard OG Cable Lock 120x10, the perfect solution for light-duty security needs. This coiled cable lock is designed to provide peace of mind when leaving your bike unattended for short durations or in semi-secure locations, offering protection against opportunistic theft.

With its high-security locking mechanism, you can trust that your bike is secure. The 10mm heavy-duty extra flexible steel cable ensures durability and resistance to cutting attempts. The tough vinyl cable cover adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your bike from scratches and damage.

The On Guard OG Cable Lock features a pick, pull, and drill resistant cylinder with a dust cover, further enhancing its security features. Rest assured that your lock is built to withstand various theft techniques. Additionally, the lock comes with two keys, providing convenience and a backup option.

Compact and easy to store, the On Guard OG Cable Lock includes a convenient strap, allowing you to coil and secure the cable lock when not in use. Its ergonomic design and precise usage make it a user-friendly option for your security needs.

The On Guard OG Cable Lock 120x10 is a reliable choice for situations where light-duty security is required. Its versatility and practicality make it ideal for quick stops or when you need to secure your bike in low-risk areas. Invest in this cable lock to protect your bike and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it brings.

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