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The Livall Urban Smart Helmet is a groundbreaking helmet offering the function and practicality of a conventional helmet with incredible tech. Indeed it offers all the safety features of a standard recreational helmet, with the addition of innovative LED lights, a stylish leather brim and smart speakers!

Livall have included Bluetooth capability with the Urban Smart Helmet meaning you'll be able to take phone calls on the go - similar to if you were driving in your car! This is all thanks to the use of a Windbreak microphone which ensures that you can hold important conversations without nature getting in the way. Equally, the powerful integrated speakers will also allow you to play music when not receiving phone calls.

With the Urban Smart Helmets included LED lights, not only will you be more visible to other riders and vehicles, but they'll also be alerted to you slowing down thanks to the smart braking function! Livall have also included an all-new SOS alert function that works in tandem with the Livall smart app. It will provide your loved ones with peace of mind in case of an accident - if a sudden deceleration is detected by the helmet, a text will be sent to your loved ones advising them of your current location.

With the Livall Urban Smart Helmet, you can keep working or keep in contact with friends and family while riding along in comfort and safety! In the meantime, the inbuilt lights will ensure the vehicles around you will always be able to see you, no matter the time of day (or night)! The Livall Urban Smart Helmet has all the features you could ever want in a helmet: keep safe, and always stay in the loop while riding.


Walkie-Talkie: Push to talk with your ride buddies.

Press for SOS: Press and hold to send an alert message to your pre-selected emergency contacts.

Stereo Speakers: Built-in speakers that let you listen to music while allowing ambient sounds to be heard.

Windbreak Microphone: Clarity of sound, even at top speeds of 60km/h.

Smart Lighting: Smart LED lighting technology that adapts to dark conditions.

Turn Signals: Indicate your next move to traffic and pedestrians.

Front & Brake Lights: The built-in gravity sensor communicates significant deceleration to those around you.

Anti-Loss Alarm: An anti-loss alarm will sound when the distance between phone and helmet exceeds 15 meters.

Voice Navigation: Connect your smartphone to get GPS directions via your chosen navigation app.

One-Click Answer: Easily answer or make phone calls on the go.

Fall Detection: Impact sensory technology that activates the emergency system and sends your location to your emergency contacts.

Auto-Off: Save power when the helmet is not in use with the Auto Off function.

Specs & information

 Weight Approx 398g
Brim Material Handmade PU Leather
Bluetooth BT 4.2, Max. 10m
Speaker Stereo 2 x 0.5W
Microphone -42bB
Tail Lights Full-colour LED taillights & turn indicators
Buttons Power on, volume+, volume-
Charging Port Magnetic, DC 5V/0.5A, Charging time approx. 3hrs
Battery Capacity 3.7V/600mAh, 10hrs [lights], 3-6hrs [music + lights]
Standby Duration Max.180 days
Dimensions 32 x 17 x 23.5cm
Gyroscope 3-Axis
Water Resistant IPX4 Waterproof
  • Head size: Suitable for head circumference 55-59cm
  • Bluetooth: 4.0+HFP/HSP/A2DP(Max 10 distance)
  • Tail lights: Hazard and LED turn signal indicator lights
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7v/600mAh
  • Standby duration: Max 180 days
  • Battery endurance: MAX 10hrs (Only using the LED Light)
  • Charging time: Approx 2 hrs
  • Function Buttons on Remote Control: Left and right indicator buttons


What's in the box

x1 Helmet

x1 Quick Start Guide

x1 BR80 Remote Control

x1 Magnetic USB Charging Cable

x1 Important Information & Warranty Card

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