Krush Illuminate waterless wash and Wax 750ml
Krush Illuminate waterless wash and Wax 750ml

Krush Illuminate waterless wash and Wax 750ml

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Introducing KRUSH ILLUMINATE WATERLESS WASH, the innovative solution for cleaning and polishing your bike without the need for water. This powerful formula is specifically designed to be used with a microfibre cloth to effectively lift dirt and grime away from all bike surfaces, including carbon fibre, alloy, plastic, metal, on both gloss and matte finishes.

Not only does KRUSH ILLUMINATE save water with its rinse-free formula, but it also provides UV protection and a non-greasy, streak-free finish that repels trail and road grime. This means your bike will stay cleaner for longer and maintain its factory finish. Plus, the high-tech polymer wax formula with nano-ceramic (Si02) technology details and protects your bike.

This product is safe to use on E-bikes, and with its streak-free finish, your bike will always look on-point between heavy washes. Simply shake the bottle well to blend the wax formula, spray mist over the bike surface, and gently wipe the area with a clean microfibre cloth to remove light contaminants. Be sure to use a clean section of the cloth with each wipe to prevent scratching.

Once the bike is clean, use another fresh microfibre cloth to buff over the entire bike and watch it illuminate. Note that this product should not be used on heavy dirt or mud, as it may lead to surface scratching. For heavy-duty cleaning, we recommend using KRUSH Foaming Rapid Wash instead.

In summary, KRUSH ILLUMINATE WATERLESS WASH is a game-changer for bike maintenance, providing a water-saving, streak-free solution that protects and cleans all bike surfaces with ease.

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