Innovv H5 4K Camera 64GB
Innovv H5 4K Camera 64GB
Innovv H5 4K Camera 64GB

Innovv H5 4K Camera 64GB

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The INNOVV H5 is a camera that is specifically engineered and constructed to record footage from the rider perspective.

Support up to 256GB Storage

Never miss a beat. Capture all the action for hours on end with a storage capacity of up to 256GB.

Extra Long Battery Life

The 2400 mAh battery capacity of the INNOVV H5 enables non-stop recording at 4K resolution for up to 5hrs (or 300 minutes). The portable power interface included with the H5 means you can easily change to an external powerbank if desired.

Unique Built-in Vibration Alerts

The H5’s built-in tactile vibrator allows the camera to be easily and safely operated whilst riding.

Designed for Harsh Environments

The H5 camera system is IP65 rated (for water and dust), designed to be both sustainable and functional in the harshest environments.

Dedicated INNOVV H5 App

You can easily take control of the device via the H5 Camera App. Live view, playback, download, and easily share exciting moments with your friends and family.

Multi-Purpose Application

Thanks to the discreet appearance and easy installation, the H5 can be readily adapted to any helmet or bike for use throughout a variety of applications ranging from motorcycle riding to cycling or car racing.

4K + Stabilization Technology

The SONY 4K image sensor is augmented with electronic image stabilization technology which produces a high-resolution 4K image in rapid motion environments. The INNOVV H5 camera actively compensates for blur and rotation as well as eliminating unnecessary vibrations ensuring an overall enhanced video quality.

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