ULTRA 410/150 - 140x12mm SH34 +COBRA 10/120mm GREEN L8

ULTRA 410/150 - 140x12mm SH34 +COBRA 10/120mm GREEN L8

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If you are looking for a compact and high-quality lock to secure your high-end bike, the Abus U-Bolt Ultra Mini 410 140x12mm SH34 + Cobra Key Lock in Green is an excellent choice. This lock combines intelligent locking technology with high-quality materials to offer reliable protection against theft.

One of the most impressive features of this lock is the 12mm thick rounded shackle, which is made of specially hardened steel to resist cutting and twisting attempts. Additionally, the body and structural parts of the locking mechanism are also made of hardened steel, providing even greater protection.

The lock has a high-quality locking cylinder that offers superb protection against tampering, such as picking. The lock has even passed the ice spray test with flying colors, proving its reliability even in harsh conditions.

The lock is recommended for securing bicycles and provides good protection at a medium theft risk level. The lock's special design allows for optimum handling, making it easy and convenient to use. The lock also comes with an SH34 carrier for easy mounting on your bike.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and compact lock to keep your high-end bike safe, this lock is a great option.

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