Abus Steelochain 5805C 110CM

Abus Steelochain 5805C 110CM

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If you're looking for a reliable bike lock, the Steel-O-Chain™ 5805C from ABUS is an excellent choice. This combination lock is equipped with high-quality two-component number reels, ensuring lasting legibility of the digits for years to come. The lock is made with a 5mm thick square chain that is covered with a textile sleeve, preventing damage to your bike's paintwork.

The chain is constructed with special steel, providing the ultimate protection against theft. You can set the combination code individually, providing extra security for your bike. The combination is also resettable, making it an ideal choice for families who share bike locks.

At only 690g, this lock is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to provide excellent security in suburban environments. The Steel-O-Chain is an excellent upgrade from cable locks and is perfect for lower security needs. The lock is flexible enough to be transported easily by wrapping it around your seat post. Plus, it comes in a sleek black color that will match any bike. Choose this for the perfect combination of lightweight and security.

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