Abus Key Garage 797

Abus Key Garage 797

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The ABUS Key Garage 797 is the perfect solution for secure outdoor storage of keys and cards. Made of sturdy metal with a corrosion-resistant black/silver finish, it offers excellent protection against theft and damage. With an extra-large storage capacity, it can accommodate up to 20 keys or 14 code cards, including domestic keys, mortice keys, transponder car keys, pass cards, and hotel-style room access keys. The locking cover is made of zinc die-cast and features a sliding mechanism for added protection.

The shackle is plastic-coated to protect doors from scratching and can be fixed on a door knob of gates and doors. With a four-digit individually settable code, only authorized persons have access. This makes it perfect for frequently changing groups of people such as handymen, vacation guests, vehicle rentals, nursing staff, and more. The box measures 120mm H x 85mm W x 45mm D and features a hinged drop-down door and a steel backplate to resist attacks. A rubber cover provides additional protection. The Key Garage 797 is an ideal solution for secure storage of keys and valuables in protected outdoor areas.

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