Abus Element 277A Alarm Disc Brake Scooter Lock

Abus Element 277A Alarm Disc Brake Scooter Lock

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Keep your motorcycle or scooter safe with the ABUS Element 277A Alarm Disc Brake Scooter Lock. With a 10mm strong locking bolt made of specially hardened steel, this lock provides solid basic security. Additionally, it has an alarm function that produces a 100 dB loud alarm sound when an attack is detected, giving you extra protection against potential attackers.

The "push down" cylinder feature enables easy handling by automatically locking the bolt when closing. This avoids any unnecessary handling that may cause inconvenience. The ABUS 277A also has a vibration detection system that activates the alarm function, and an acoustic signal to indicate activity status. Three keys are included in the package, along with a CR2 standard battery that powers the electronic unit.

Recommended for protecting lightweight motorbikes and scooters, this lock is compact and easy to transport. It has a security level of 9 according to ABUS's scale, making it a reliable choice for keeping your vehicle safe. In addition, the locking bolt, body, and structural parts of the locking mechanism are all made of specially hardened steel, adding to the lock's strength and durability.

For increased security during longer parking times, it is recommended that you also secure the motorcycle or scooter to a fixed object. With this lock, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is secure.

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