Abus Coil Star 4508C 150CM x8MM

Abus Coil Star 4508C 150CM x8MM

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The Abus Coil Star 4508C 150CM x8MM is the perfect solution for protecting bicycles against theft. This combination lock is designed to make it difficult for bicycle thieves to steal your bike. The Spiral Cable Lock Star 4508C has an 8mm thick and high-quality spiral cable, which is coated with plastic to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork. You can easily set your own three-digit numerical code and the lock is available in several colours. The dark-touch function also makes it easy to use in low light conditions.

The lock is recommended for low theft risk areas and is suitable for securing entry-level and children's bikes. The Snap Cage MU bracket allows for easy and tool-free mounting to the seat post, frame or rack stay with a diameter of 15 - 55 mm. The compact size of the coil cable lock makes it easy to transport and the length of 150cm allows you to secure more than one bike at a time to practically any fixed object.

The Abus Coil Star is a reliable and practical solution for anyone who wants to protect their bike from theft. The personalised 3-digit numerical code allows you to secure your bike with confidence.

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