Abus Chain 1500 Web - 110cm

Abus Chain 1500 Web - 110cm

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Looking for a reliable chain lock that is always on the go? The ABUS Chain Lock 1500 Web is perfect for you! This lock is a key-operated system that can be quickly opened, even when you're in a hurry. The lock can be easily clicked shut without the key being inserted into the lock, making it very user-friendly.

The 4mm round chain is made of special steel and is enclosed in a textile sleeve, which prevents damage to your bike's paintwork. This lock offers basic protection against low-risk theft, making it an ideal choice for securing low-range bicycles and children's bikes.

The ABUS Chain Lock 1500 Web is easy to transport around the seat post, and its convenience is further enhanced by the fact that it can be clicked shut without the key.

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