Abus Chain 1200 Web - 110cm

Abus Chain 1200 Web - 110cm

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The ABUS Chain 1200 Web is an excellent solution for those seeking a practical and affordable chain lock for low-risk theft situations. The lock's combination is factory-set and comes included in the package, making it easy to use right away.

The 4mm steel chain is specially hardened for durability and is covered in a fabric sleeve to prevent scratches on your bike's paintwork. This lock's flexibility allows for convenient locking of your bike to stationary objects, such as bicycle stands or lampposts, with multiple locking options available.

The ABUS Chain 1200 Web also features a convenient 3-digit code and can be easily transported around the seat post frame. With a weight of only 136 grams, it won't add unnecessary bulk to your ride. This lock is ideal for securing entry-level bicycles and children's bikes with basic protection against theft. It comes in a length of 110cm, but it is also available in a shorter 60cm length. Choose the ABUS Chain 1200 Web for a practical and affordable option for low-risk theft situations.

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