ABUS Steeloflex Centuro 860/110 Cable Lock With QuickSnap RBU

ABUS Steeloflex Centuro 860/110 Cable Lock With QuickSnap RBU

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Protect your bicycle with the ABUS Centuro 860/110 Cable Lock With QuickSnap RBU, a sturdy and reliable security solution for your bike. This coil cable lock provides twice the security, with a robust steel cable and overlapping steel sleeves that make stealing exceptionally difficult for bicycle thieves. The 20mm-thick, specially hardened steel sleeves cover the steel cable inside, making it considerably more difficult to sever the cable than a simple cable lock.

The ABUS Centuro 860/110 Cable Lock is designed for high-quality bikes and protection in areas with a medium risk of theft. It features a plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork, and its steel shells, case, and supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of specially hardened steel. The lock's length of 110cm makes it easy to attach your bicycle to a fixed object, and it comes with a QuickSnap RBU for one-button operation with a flexible steel band suitable for different post shapes with a diameter of 20 - 42 mm.

With a weight of 980g, the lock is easy to transport, and its variable lock positioning allows you to rotate the mount in 15° intervals for flexible locking options. The ABUS automatic cylinder with drill-protection and user-friendly reversible key provides added security, and the lock comes with two keys. Thanks to the Steel-O-Flex technology, this lock offers high flexibility and double security, making it an ideal security solution for your bicycle.

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