Abus Bordo 6000K Folding Lock120CM

Abus Bordo 6000K Folding Lock120CM

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The Abus Bordo 6000K Folding Lock is the ideal solution for e-bike riders who leave their bikes unattended for extended periods and want extra security. With a security rating of 10, a 120cm chain, and a loud alarm of at least 100dB, this folding lock provides peace of mind. The lock and bars are made of specially hardened steel, ensuring maximum protection against attempted tampering and manipulation. The 3D Position Detection system detects even the slightest vibrations and movements in all directions and triggers the alarm. Additionally, the lock has an SH Bracket that can be mounted on the bike's frame for easy carrying.

The BORDO™ Big 6000 Folding Lock is an ideal option for those who want to lock up more than one bike with the same lock. With its 30cm extra length, you can easily lock one or several bicycles together. The lock has a soft two-component coating that prevents damage to the paintwork on your bike. It also features 5mm thick foldable bars, connected with special rivets, and a picking-resistant ABUS Plus disc cylinder for maximum protection.

This Lock is made in Germany and offers great protection for medium-risk theft situations. It is recommended for securing good-quality bicycles. Additionally, the lock is supplied with a coded key that can be ordered keyed alike with other ABUS locks, making it extremely convenient to use.

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