Abus Alarm Box 2.0
Abus Alarm Box 2.0

Abus Alarm Box 2.0

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The ABUS Alarmbox 2.0 Alarm - the perfect solution for protecting your valuable property from theft. This portable alarm system is versatile and can be used to secure bicycles, e-scooters, pushchairs, travel suitcases, grills, parked trailers, and more. The Alarmbox is weatherproof and can be used in outdoor settings.

The Alarmbox is designed to be double safe. It can be attached to your property and, optionally, you can insert an ABUS connection chain for additional protection. This provides an added layer of security against theft.

The intelligent alarm system is equipped with a 3D position detection feature that detects vibrations and the smallest movements in all three dimensions, triggering the alarm. The Alarmbox emits a short, 5-second warning beep in case of minor and brief vibrations. If a persistent theft attempt is detected, a 100 dB loud alarm is triggered for 15 seconds, followed by reactivation.

The Alarmbox 2.0 Alarm is easy to use. It can be activated and deactivated with a key, and if the key is removed, the chain/cable can be inserted into the device and the alarm is set. The Alarmbox comes with two keys and a CR2 battery. The robust zinc body of the Alarmbox ensures that it is durable and long-lasting.

The mounting process of the Alarmbox is simple and convenient. The Alarmbox can be attached to almost all round geometries using the included metal straps, which can be shortened. The dimensions of the Alarmbox 2.0 Alarm are 88 mm (length), 57 mm (width), and 37 mm (depth).

In conclusion, the ABUS Alarmbox 2.0 Alarm is a reliable and effective way to protect your valuable property from theft. With its versatile use and intelligent alarm system, the Alarmbox provides double safety and peace of mind.

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