On Guard  OG Series mini u lock - Keyed 5810

On Guard OG Series mini u lock - Keyed 5810

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Introducing the On Guard OG Series Mini U Lock - Keyed 5810, a compact and robust locking solution designed to keep your belongings safe. This mini U lock features an X2 double bolt locking mechanism, providing enhanced security for your peace of mind.

Constructed with an 11mm hardened steel shackle, this lock is highly resistant to attacks, including picking, pulling, and drilling. The pick, pull, and drill resistant cylinder adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. The rotating dust cover helps to keep the lock mechanism clean and functioning smoothly.

Included with the Mini U Lock is a 120cm x 10mm security cable, allowing you to secure your wheels or other valuable belongings. The lock comes with a 24-40mm quick release mounting bracket, featuring stainless steel screws, for convenient transportation and easy access to your lock.

For added convenience, the lock is equipped with two laser cut keys, ensuring you always have a spare. The protective coatings on the shackle help to prevent scratches and maintain the lock's durability.


  • U-Lock Dimensions: 90mm x 140mm x 11mm
  • Cable Dimensions: 120cm x 10mm

The On Guard OG Series Mini U Lock - Keyed 5810 is the ideal choice for those seeking a compact yet secure locking solution. With its sturdy construction and advanced features, this lock provides reliable protection for your valuable possessions.

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